Property/General Accident

(a) Fire, Special Perils, and Theft Insurance policy covers you for any loss or damage to your building/premises, Fixtures, Fittings, installations, decoration , furniture, equipment and contents/stock, resulting from Fire, Lightening, Explosion, Theft, Water Leakage, Storm, Flood, Earthquake & Volcanic Eruption, and many other perils. This kind of cover is your solid security against any unfortunate future events. This cover is suitable for residences, offices, multi-occupancy buildings, shops & industrial units.

(b) Property All Risks Insurance Policy (PAR) covers more than the above policy for your building/premises and contents, as it covers accidental breakage or damage to any parts of your buildings and contents, in addition to other losses resulting from perils insured in the above policy. Unlike the fire, special perils and theft policy which lists out the perils covered under the policy, the property all risks policy only lists out the exclusions under the policy, i.e., all perils not listed under the exclusions of the PAR policy stands covered.

Business Interruption (Loss of Profits) Policy covers your loss of profits/income resulting from partial or total temporary closure of business after an unfortunate (like Fire, Theft, Flood, etc.)event causing destruction or damage to you property. You need this insurance because your business might be affected or you may not be able to continue production or processing or offering your service until the building is repaired or rebuilt and contents replaced. This type of insurance can also cover loss of profits resulting from machinery breakdown.

(c) Office Comprehensive Cover, which a very special insurance cover for companies operating or servicing their clients mainly from an office environment. We recommend this cover for financial services companies, advertising and public relation firms, etc. When you buy this cover you get insurance for:

  • Physical assets like office contents, decoration and fixtures.
  • Business interruption cover or loss of profits cover.
  • Money or cash whilst in locked safe or in transit.
  • Breakage of glass, mirrors and glass or ceramic fixtures.
  • Legal Liability towards employees and staff.
  • Legal liability to members of the general public

(d) Hotel Comprehensive Policy : This policy is issued to hotels and is a multi-cover policy offering various covers under one umbrella. The covers offered are fire, allied perils, theft, public liability, personal accident, money cover, employer’s liability, plate glass, fidelity etc.

Covers peculiar to hotel industry such as liability for guest’s property, deterioration of contents of deep freezers & refrigerators, illuminated neon signs, television receivers cover and car park liability are included in this policy.

(e) i)Public Liability or general third party Insurance covers your firm legal liability to pay compensations to your clients/third parties/ members of the public, for accidental bodily injury, death, or disability , or damage to their property caused by you in the course of business and was due to your negligence

(e) ii) Product liability is provided to manufacturers/sellers of products to cover their legal liability arising out of the use of the products manufactured or sold by them.
This can also cover the insured’s liability for food poisoning and contamination of food or drinks served to customers where the insured has their own canteen.

(f)Workmen Compensation Policy covers your liability under the labour law to your employees and workmen for any accident occurring during working hours, when they are on duty. This insurance covers your legal liability as an employer to pay compensations to any of your employees or staff if they were injured at work. Compensation is paid in accordance with local labor laws and jurisdiction.

(g)Employer's Liability Policy complements your Workmen's Compensation cover by providing further coverage under the common law.

(h) Fidelity Guarantee, protecting you from financial losses resulting from infidelity of employees by way of embezzlement of money/goods.

(i) Money insurance covers loss of money whilst in transit, locked safe/drawers/strong rooms and loss/damage to the safe itself.

(j)Personal Accident insurance covers the insured for compensation in the event of accidental injuries/death, and permanent disablement arising out of an unforeseen and accidental event. This is a 24 hour cover.

(k)Professional Indemnity (Professional Liability) Insurance, which is a special cover, provided for Engineers, Engineering Firms, Architects, Surveyors Consultants & Accountants. It covers their legal liability to their clients or other people and resulting from their professional errors or negligence. It is called Medical Malpractice Insurance when it is provided for Doctors, Hospitals, and Clinics. It covers their legal liability to pay for any injury, loss or disease caused to patients or other people and resulting from their professional errors or negligence.

(l)Banker's Blanket Insurance is designed for financial institutions including banks. This policy covers infidelity of employees, loss of property, loss resulting from forgery, alteration, counterfeit currencies and other risks to which financial institutions are exposed.

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