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We value your peace of mind

The world today is in a state of constant transformation. The potential in this condition is only equaled by the number of challenges to any individual's life and lifestyle.

To protect your possessions from the effects of any misfortune, it is important to secure your future with a company that understands your insurance requirements.

Life's eternal uncertainties affect the security of cherished possessions, which face the constant risk of natural and manmade calamities.

As an insurer who understands the growing need for personal security, Al Ahlia uses a core, human credence to mould your personal insurance policies, helping you realize the true freedom of ownership pleasure. A precious privilege that only comes with the knowledge of knowing you are protected from all sides.

In addition to standard personal products such as automobile, home, life, liability, etc. which are carefully designed and priced to suit everyone, you will have access to design your own insurance requirements from the wider range of personal products available.

With the growing trend at the state level to privatize medical services, we at Al Ahlia have prepared ourselves for such an eventuality, and have made available a variety of health care plans, each that suit the individual's own requirements. Starting with the "Elite Plans" that provide worldwide medical coverage giving you the freedom to choose your desired place of treatment, Al Ahlia caters to more cost-effective plans to suit your requirements. You can choose from the Bahrain Only Cover "Riaya Plans" or the In-Patient Only Cover "Himaya Plans". Al Ahlia also provides tailor made products for specific requirements, giving you even more flexibility and choice.

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