Corporate Services

We bring you the benefits of total assurance

Our force of experienced managers offer continued professional advice that articulates your insurance needs, helping you to choose the most appropriate policy for maximum returns. Your account is personally serviced by an Executive with the task of responding swiftly to your requirements and to ensure the smooth functioning of our relationship.

When a visit to you as a corporate client is arranged, our technical team collects all the necessary information on the nature of your business and assesses the risk exposure. This is followed by a site visit with the objective of conducting a detailed risk survey.

A full study is then carried out, laying down the different insurance options available for you to choose from, with our advice as to the manner in which your assets and liabilities would be best protected. We put practical and economical suggestions to you in order to improve risk management from all aspects.

The assigned Executive pays you regular visits in order to follow up changes that would affect the coverage provided, as well as to develop the quality of interpersonal communication. Periodic site visits are also made to ensure the implementation of risk-improvement recommendations, and to keep you updated with developments in risk management techniques.

With this quality of transparency built within our client relationships, handling of claims in the event of misfortune becomes smoother. We at Al Ahlia thus ensure that claims are processed speedily, be it through professional in-house surveyors or independent loss adjusters. Our settlements are fair, with applied care and understanding.

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